Tracy Halloran Pearson

Tracy-Halloran-Pearson Tracy-Halloran-Pearson_1ABOUT THE ARTIST

Detroit-based dance artist Tracy Halloran Pearson received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance performance from Marygrove College, a Masters of Fine Arts in choreography from the University of Michigan, and is currently a professor, choreographer and rehearsal director at Marygrove College. She has choreographed works for Illinois Ballet Theater, the University of Michigan’s Department of Dance, Noretta Dunworth School of Dance and many more companies. She is an accomplished teacher of ballet, contemporary, jazz and modern dance.

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Nascent Transformation is an evening’s length contemporary work that explores ideas surrounding rebirth and renewal. It is the premiere and launching performance of ConteXture dance Detroit, a contemporary dance company founded by Kresge Fellow, Tracy Halloran Pearson. The performance is the artistic collaboration between Tracy Halloran Pearson and performance artist and D.J., Joshua Harrison, who will be playing his original score live as part of the Nascent Transformation performance. Immediately following the concert there will be a talkback session with the artists who collaborated on the work and a question and answer section with the audience.


As a dance artist, I am interested in cultural identity and the relationship between artistic expression and the human condition. Growing up in Detroit I have become all too aware of how rigid cultural borders can slowly strangle a community. My dance works examine themes within human relationships in order to begin a dialogue regarding how and why we interact with one another. First and foremost, I am an artist from the city of Detroit and my creative dance works will always reflect that part of me. For a large part of my life, cultural, racial and gender roles have determined my life choices. I am creating works that challenge those traditional ideas and ask the larger community to question their own conventional beliefs regarding these topics. I center my works on expressing ideas that all people can relate to, but resonate with those who are passionate about social interactions and life circumstances. I like to blur the lines between dance genres and styles by combining the movement techniques of modern, hip-hop, jazz and contemporary. I use the dynamics of motion and choreographic levels to create explosive and exciting movement phrases that can contrast the delicacy of human emotion.