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Tony D’Annuzio’s love of film and music got him into the broadcast television industry more than 25 years ago. Born and raised in Detroit, D’Annunzio’s work has aired on virtually every network worldwide. He recently challenged himself to direct and produce his first documentary, Louder than Love: The Grande Ballroom Story. His passion for filmmaking, storytelling, music and Detroit coalesced on the screen for this award-winning documentary film, which has screened globally to sold-out audiences and is archived at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland. The film also screened at the Traverse City Film Festival founded by Michael Moore. D’Annunzio has taught film classes at the Traverse City Film Festival, as well as courses at the University of Richmond in Virginia. Tony is often heard to say that he’s living the dream!

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2014 Kresge Fellow Tony D’Annunzio is proud to present LOUDER LIVE/Jail Guitar Doors — Call to Action! It will give you a true Grande Ballroom experience with the award-winning film Louder Than Love-The Grande Ballroom Story interlaced with incredible live music under the direction of Johnny Evans/Howling Diablos, including very special guest Wayne Kramer from the MC5.

The evening will begin in the D.I.A.’s Crystal Gallery, where a selection of Jenny Risher’s critically acclaimed “HEARTSOULDETROIT” photos will be on display. A meet and greet with all artists, musicians and foundation members included in the evening’s event will be also on hand during this time.

Immediately following this, attendees will then be directed into the Detroit Film Theatre to witness the sights and sounds of “LOUDER LIVE/Jail Guitar Doors — Call to Action.” This all-star band includes members of the MC5, Howling Diablos, and Sponge.

The film and live music experience will be heightened by a visually stimulating, authentic reproduction of a Grande-era light show. The culmination of the evening event is the introduction of Wayne Kramer/Jail Guitar Doors with the help of University of Michigan’s Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP). Jail Guitar Doors USA brings musical instruments and education programs to prisons across America. Both groups are working towards common goals associated with collaboration within the prison system to strengthen our community through creative expression.

Wayne Kramer of Jail Guitar Doors and Ashley Lucas of PCAP will speak on this
call to action. They will be informing and educating us on the importance of bringing a musical aspect into prisoner rehabilitation within the Michigan prison system.



My goal as a filmmaker is to tell stories that I’m passionate about, to engage the
audience and to get them to become enlightened, while at the same time giving them the freedom to draw their own conclusions. In the simplest terms, I want do good work and share it with people.


Jail Guitar Doors, Ashley Lucas (PCAP), Johnny Evans, Wayne Kramer, Tino Gross, Erik Gustafson, Vinnie Dombroski, and Joey Mazzola.

Wayne Kramer is a songwriter whose reputation writing music for film and television risks supplanting his legend as one of the world’s stellar guitarists. Wayne was a teenage greaser and leader of the MC5, widely recognized as the prototype for punk rock and heavy metal. He spent 1976-1978 in Lexington Federal Penitentiary, where he was tutored by fellow inmate Red Rodney, trumpeter for the Charlie Parker Quintet. It was Red who taught Wayne how to read music and the two formed a prison band. After release, Wayne continued to collaborate musically as a member of multiple bands and produce four records in four years with Epitaph Records. Wayne continues to write and produce original songs and movie scores. His songs have been featured in a wide array of TV shows and feature films Jackass, Judging Amy, Millenium, Almost Famous, Rock ’n’ Roll High School, I Shot Andy Warhol, and Pump Up the Volume, while his cues are heard in NFL, NBA and MLB Playoff events and Food Network productions, among others.

Wayne is recognized nearly as often as a vigorous social activist. Along with wife
Margaret Saadi Kramer and British troubadour Billy Bragg, Wayne founded Jail Guitar Doors, which is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that provides guitars for prisoner rehabilitation. Known as “the loudest charity on planet earth,” JGD-USA launched at Sing Sing Prison in 2009 and has since intervened in over 50 adult and juvenile facilities. Shepard Fairey donated the charity’s logo and board member Adam McKay’s company Funny or Die donated the design of its interactive site. Shira Piven and Adam McKay directed a short film entitled “The Beast & The Angel” for PBS as part of their new LifeCasters series. It is a film about Wayne and it is currently in broadcast nationally.


Jail Guitar Doors PCAP