Juan Atkins

Juan Atkins Juan Atkins_project imageABOUT THE ARTIST

Producer and musician Juan Atkins is widely credited as the originator of Detroit techno music, along with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, who were sometimes collectively referred to as “the Belleville Three.” Celebrated radio host The Electrifyin’ Mojo was a major musical influence on the development of Atkins’ unique sound, which has been honed for over three decades.

To see more work by Juan, visit www.metroplexrecordings.com.

Top Right Photo Credit: Corine Vermeulen

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This night of music will celebrate Atkins’ 35th anniversary as an electronic musician and the 30th anniversary of his label, MetroPlex Records. Atkins will present his 24-year-old daughter Milan Ariel, an “urban alternative” vocalist who fuses electronic music with hip-hop and R&B. A live music performance with Atkins providing techno sounds along with live musicians will be followed by a dance party. The night will also feature a screening of a new short documentary about Atkins and his long history with Detroit techno.