Diane Cheklich

Diane Cheklich Diane Cheklich_1ABOUT THE ARTIST

Diane Cheklich is a Detroit-based, independent screenwriter, film director and producer. Her desire to tell stories with a specific rhythm and sense of humor resulted in the award-winning feature film Offshore, which is an Indo-American movie filmed in both the United States and India. Cheklich has also written and directed several short films, including the award-winning Doctor Reddy, which is in distribution through Ouat Media, and Late, which has screened at film festivals around the world and is in distribution through the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre.
To see more work by Diane Cheklich, visit www.cheklich.com.

Top Right Credit: Corine Vermeulen

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The Doctor Reddy Experience is a red-carpet celebration of the strange and popular Doctor Reddy, star of the Indo-American short film scene. It features a retrospective of Doctor Reddy films (Doctor Reddy and Doctor Reddy’s Killer App) and the premiere of a brand new short, Doctor Reddy’s Sleep Clinic. In addition, The Doctor Reddy Experience includes a live Bollywood dance performance (from the karaoke biker bar scene in Doctor Reddy) by the actor who plays Doctor Reddy, Haranath Policherla. The event wraps up with an after-talk by director Diane Cheklich, creator of the Doctor Reddy franchise.

Audience members at The Doctor Reddy Experience will be treated to free popcorn and special Doctor Reddy Art X swag. There will also be an opportunity for Doctor Reddy autographs and photos following the show. Come on out and have some fun, Doctor Reddy style!


The Doctor Reddy body of work has been a real blast to create. And that’s important because a goal in my filmmaking is to have fun, not only for myself but for my cast, crew, and audiences as well. I like to create humor by juxtaposing things that don’t typically go together, and opportunities to do that abound with Doctor Reddy.

The Doctor Reddy Experience at Art X will feature all three Doctor Reddy shorts and a live dance performance. The audience should see patterns emerge across the shorts, and also between the films and the live performance. My hope is that this will enhance their experience, and that all the people who attend will enjoy a strange and entertaining show.