Charlie O’Geen

Charlie-O'Geen_ Charlie-O'Geen_1ABOUT THE ARTIST

Charlie O’Geen’s work involves site specific, architectural investigations that respond directly to the conditions of a specific site and often utilize found objects as building materials.  He received both his Bachelors and Masters degrees of architecture from SUNY Buffalo and then went on to earn a second Masters in architecture from Cranbrook Academy of Art.  O’Geen is a College Professor of Architecture at Lawrence Tech and lives in Detroit, where he works on full-scale architectural and building experiments.

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4620 Cass Avenue began as an informal partnership with Cass Café. O’Geen and his collaborator, Steph Vito, started by examining the simple vocabulary of the building and thought about how to extend this in the program and city of Detroit . This vocabulary is based on the building principles and materials developed by Albert Kahn and Henry Ford in Detroit in the early 20th century. Keeping this in mind, O’Geen and Vito experiment with advanced concrete and alternative construction processes, respecting the honesty of the materials used at Cass Café and listening to the site and building for their inherent potentials.


“Play at being a critic. Deconstruct the game in order to play with it. Instead of accepting the rules, challenge and modify them. Without the freedom to critique and reconstruct, there is no truly free game: we are addicts and nothing more.” – Paul Virilio.


Stephanie VitoStephanie Vito’s work is based on a balance between functionality and design in response to social and cultural complexities. She received her Bachelor’s degree of architecture from SUNY Buffalo and her Master’s of architecture from Cornell University. She is currently living, practicing and exploring architecture in Buffalo, NY and was a recent recipient of the 2013 AIA of WNY Design Excellence Merit Award.


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