Chace “Mic Write” Morris


Chace-Morris_1Chace-Morris-project-imageABOUT THE ARTIST

Chace Morris is a poet/emcee who became a 2013 Kresge Literary Fellow, 2-time Rustbelt Poetry Slam Champion and earned both titles of Detroit Grand Slam Champion and Midwest Slam Champion in 2010. He has been a member of 4 National Slam teams, was featured in the Metro Times’ list of “Top 5 Poets in Detroit”, and has read alongside such artists as U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Tretheway, Saul Williams and Talib Kweli, Mic Write is also a member of the successful hip-hop collective Cold Men Young, a writer-in-residence with the InsideOut Literary Arts Program, and bears a heavy addiction to Dutch Girl donuts.

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An ambitious hybrid of poetry, hip-hop and live instrumentation as a vehicle to navigate the increasingly complex relationship between Detroit, its fluid future and its citizens – all within the context of Robocop. Yes, Robocop. This project will examine the stunning parallels between the cult science fiction of the 80s and our current reality. It will move through the pros and cons of renewal versus deep-rooted history, and the tear between staying to etch out a part in this dramatically changing organism Morris calls home versus adhering the call of the body for new places and spaces; the joy of the energy in the evolution versus the fear of erasure and exclusion in the process.


I’m Detroit as hell. Through and through. Lived here and only here all my life. This provides a double-edged sword – on one end I am deeply invested in contributing to the tapestry of what Detroit is becoming, ensuring I establish some force that maintains the culture and rawness that has always been this city. And on the other, I’m venturing outside its confines to push myself, my own craft/comfort zone/potential, before my window for such exploration is closed. This is the intersection my writing finds me at, and helps navigate me around one work at a time. There is flux in everything around me right now, and it’s as exciting as it is frightening, but I am closer to defining what greatness is for me in particular and what that looks like to me.